YunoHost and the Fediverse

:yuno: I have to do some advertising for YunoHost!

YunoHost is a Hosting Service that allows you to host your own (among others) Fediverse instances. Yes, you! It’s really that easy.

I am hosting many instances with YH and this very forum is hosted via YH as well.

Currently you can install the following Fediverse software with YH:

:disco: Discourse, :ecko: Ecko (Mastodon fork), :friend: Friendica, :funk: Funkwhale, :masto: Glitch-Soc (Mastodon fork), :next: Nextcloud, :hub: Hubzilla, :lemmy: lemmy, :mobi: Mobilizon, :tube: Peertube, :pix: Pixelfed, :plero: Pleroma, :plume: Plume, :write: WriteFreely & Zap

They are also working on Mastodon & Misskey

Here is the full app catalogue.

Of course you can find YunoHost in the Fediverse as well:
And here is their Discourse forum.


I am curious… are you running on your own server or a VPS? And did you run into issues with performance / resources when running so many services side-by-side? Guess that might be hard to say when you just installed and are the only user on most of them…

No VPS, I’m using Hetzner Servers and when I run into performance issues I upgrade the plan.

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Cool. What is the current plan you are using? Then I’ll have a look at specs and compare with my VPS.

For, which is my largest Server I use this plan:

Though I think it’s more than I actually need.


Well, but those are great prices for the specs you get in return. Good value for money. And on a great provider too. Thank you.


@paula you shouldf add your hetzner referallink to the post xD

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How “safe” is yunohost to use? So how active are the devs and so on?

Hm, I don’t know what level of activity makes a software safe.
I’d say there is an update at least once a week, or at least that’s my impression.

And I don’t know if this graph helps:

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