YunoHost and the Fediverse

:yuno: I have to do some advertising for YunoHost!

YunoHost is a Hosting Service that allows you to host your own (among others) Fediverse instances. Yes, you! It’s really that easy.

I am hosting many instances with YH and this very forum is hosted via YH as well.

Currently you can install the following Fediverse software with YH:

:disco: Discourse, :ecko: Ecko (Mastodon fork), :friend: Friendica, :funk: Funkwhale, :masto: Glitch-Soc (Mastodon fork), :next: Nextcloud, :hub: Hubzilla, :lemmy: lemmy, :mobi: Mobilizon, :tube: Peertube, :pix: Pixelfed, :plero: Pleroma, :plume: Plume, :write: WriteFreely & Zap

They are also working on Mastodon & Misskey

Here is the full app catalogue.

Of course you can find YunoHost in the Fediverse as well:
And here is their Discourse forum.


I am curious… are you running on your own server or a VPS? And did you run into issues with performance / resources when running so many services side-by-side? Guess that might be hard to say when you just installed and are the only user on most of them…

No VPS, I’m using Hetzner Servers and when I run into performance issues I upgrade the plan.

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Cool. What is the current plan you are using? Then I’ll have a look at specs and compare with my VPS.

For, which is my largest Server I use this plan:

Though I think it’s more than I actually need.


Well, but those are great prices for the specs you get in return. Good value for money. And on a great provider too. Thank you.


@paula you shouldf add your hetzner referallink to the post xD

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How “safe” is yunohost to use? So how active are the devs and so on?

Hm, I don’t know what level of activity makes a software safe.
I’d say there is an update at least once a week, or at least that’s my impression.

And I don’t know if this graph helps:

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Hi Paula, thanks for sharing this information. Is the instance installed via yunohost?

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Yes, it is indeed. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, that’s a HUGE VPS! I actually use one half that size, but I use it to host game servers mostly, never needed this much power for a web service…
BTW, @aschrijver and @paula, if you need a VPS to host this type of services (and not actual binary apps and so on), you might want to check out Oracle Cloud. They have always free plan which includes VPS with 4 VCPU and 24GB RAM :wink: The only problem is that it has an ARM64 processor, which not all applications are compatible with, though it is mostly problem with games and big binaries. There is also an ARM version of Yunohost :wink:


Thanks for the information. I did not know about Oracle Cloud. Looks good!

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