📊 Which Federation are you most looking forward to?

Choose up to 4 projects that you are looking forward to federating (better) with each other and then comment which ones you chose and why.

  • :masto: Mastodon
  • :pix: Pixefed
  • :tube: Peertube
  • :funk: Funkwhale
  • :write: WriteFreely
  • :friend: Friendica
  • :mobi: Mobilizon
  • :plero: Pleroma
  • :miss: Misskey
  • :dias: Diaspora
  • :gnu: GNU Social
  • :hub: Hubzilla
  • :plume: Plume
  • :lemmy: Lemmy
  • :wyrm: BookWyrm
  • :disco: Discourse
  • :grey_question: Other 1
  • :question: Other 2

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I chose Discourse with Lemmy and Mastodon with WriteFreely (being able to see Mastodon comments under WriteFreely posts).


I chose Mastodon and Mobilizon.
I think Mobilizon will not become big before it will be possible to subscribe to events from Mastodon.


I’d love for Mastodon & Pixelfed to work together better.
People on Pixelfed often don’t get notified about my comments on their posts.


I think it would be really cool if Misskey’s specific federated features would find more widespread implementation across fedi software (for example the custom emoji reactions or latex implementation) but it’s difficult since most of the Misskey developers can’t speak English at all so I guess it’s hard for the project to actually collaborate with Mastodon or Pleroma (the two softwares for which these features would make the most sense to me personally)

Misskey also already has a prototype of groups and chatgroups which currently sadly only work locally on your own instance and is not even federated to other misskey instances but I guess it is planned to have it federate in future and that would be really exciting to have in general for Mastodon and Pleroma too since it would reduce the need of having alts if you want to talk about specific topics that only a specific amount of people is supposed to see without creating hellthreads or something like that for example.

Another really sad thing is that both Misskey and Pleroma have a Chat functionality that is not interoperable. Misskey is doing it in a way that makes a chat to a non-misskey user appear like a direct messages thread to them, but Pleroma’s chats don’t work outside of Pleroma at all sadly and since Misskey’s implementation makes more sense to me personally it would have been really cool if Pleroma would have used the same.

The other way around, Misskey is lacking lots of features from other fedi software that I really like, for example the “mute thread” button if you’re getting tagged a lot in a thread you’re not participating in or instance blocks on user level (if I am not mistaken it has instance mutes on user level at least right now but it’s not a perfect situation)
Also, it would be nice if Misskey would also have a MastodonAPI compatible implementation so that it’s easier to use it with a lightweight app or so that people that already developed apps for Mastodon or Pleroma could also easily develop apps for Misskey. The app-situation for Misskey is currently a mess and there is basically no real way around using it in a browser on your phone since otherwise you would be way too much limited in your functionalities.

Another really cool thing about Misskey is that it has an implementation for a Gallery that you can create albums in and stuff so you can post pictures without them appearing on your timeline. This feature is also currently not federated, but you can link to your galleries you want to show and local users can find your public galleries on your profile. It would be really cool if this feature would 1. get federated and 2. would also interpret Pixelfed-Instances like this since it would render the pictures in the same Instagram-like aesthetic that Pixelfed uses instead of having them appear as posts.

The language barrier is really sad tbh since Misskey kinda has so many features that it’s impossible to fully know about all of them since the documentation is entirely in Japanese and the few translators the project has are having problems keeping up with it, plus there are apparently also documentation software issues that make it even harder for them to keep up with the documentation, so it appears that that issue might get better in the future maybe, but currently it’s just really hard to get an overview about everything Misskey can do and how exactly it functions :confused:

If I had the energy and knowledge for it I would love to help out but all I can do is donating to the Misskey project right now, but it would be sooo exciting to see all those features fully functioning and federating and even interoperable with other fedi software! :blush:


I feel the most important projects are the ones that enter new fields, new domains and application types.

Forgefriends: forges united. coders befriend.


I am particularly enthusiastic about Forgefriends, and hoping that this open community will bring a new paradigm, both to the fedi and to the software development world:

United Software Development
“Free, libre software development, processes and culture united,. Sustainable, open and accessible to anyone.”

That definition can be improved, but it focuses on “Social Coding”, and it is where the Fediverse can shine. Social coding lifts open software development up from the technical circles in which it usually takes place, and makes it way easier - via social networking features - for anyone to participate in it, regardless of background, location or skills. Forgefriends - though the project has modest beginnings - has the potential to grow into a vibrant community of people that work towards realizing this vision.

Discourse: Community has no boundary

I’ve been advocating federation support in Discourse for a long time, and very happy to say that probably this will start to take shape in 2022 and Discourse will be joining the Fediverse. Like many of you probably as well, I am member of numerous Discourse communities. All separated, all different account, having overlap with each other, often unaware of each other’s mere existence.

Discourse is imho the best, most feature-complete forum software that I know of (though there are some interesting upcoming rivals), so I am delighted by this development.


Oh, in addition I should mention that even though the project recently decided to ditch ActivityPub as the networking protocol in favor of XMPP, that I still really like what openEngiadina is aiming for…

openEngiadina: Create, share and use open local knowledge.

Here’s the description taken from the website:

Semantic Social Network: openEngiadina is an acknowledgment that data creation and curation is a social activity. We are developing a mashup between a knowledge base (like Wikipedia) and a social network using the XMPP protocol and the Semantic Web.

openEngiadina is being developed for small municipalities and local organizations. We want to empower communities to manage their own data. The platform is Free Software, self-hostable and can interoperate with other instances.

Note that after migrating to XMPP the project will still support ActivityStreams and be a fully compatible Fediverse app.


Oh damn. I must also mention Bonfire Networks in this list. It is a super exciting new way to tackle federated app development and break out of the dogmatic thinking of app-silo’s that are individual full-feature platforms and interop comes mostly as an afterthought.

Bonfire logo

The idea behind Bonfire aligns with the vision to move From silo-first to task-oriented federated app design - Fediverse Futures - SocialHub

Federated social networking toolkits for communities and individuals to design, operate and control their digital lives.

Working towards a future where communities can assemble their own social networks like lego blocks, to cultivate safe and private spaces while being interconnected with the rest of the “fediverse” and the internet at wide on their own terms.

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One way you can help our fork of Mastodon (Ecko) is to create issues around those features from Misskey that you’d like to see. We operate via Collective Code Construction Contract so those issues should take the form of the problem said features solve. That way, we may even come up with better solutions, rather than just reimplement something that’s not quite right for now or for the community around Ecko.

Custom Emoji reactions for example you might pose as, “I cannot upload custom emojis that our community enjoys and wants to use in microblogging.” Bear with me if I didn’t get the use case right. Even so, such issues are appreciated at https://github.com/magicstone-dev/ecko/issues and I promise to help drive debate on them!


I am really happy I just found this thread!
I am not sure this is the place to ask for features but at list @weex is reading it! :smiley:

Some features I would like to include:

  • Emoji reactions, like in Misskey (maybe already being discussed).
  • Themes! More theme availability already by default.
  • Bookmark button visible below toots (next to the :star:, for example).
  • Possibility of showing pictures on top of text (in a pixelfed style).
  • Possibility of assigning categories to toots that could be visible in different tabs in the user’s profile. The categories could be defined and fixed by the admin.

Maybe I am asking for a lot :sweat_smile:


I think those 3 are actually implemented in glitch-soc, so porting them to Ecko should be relatively easy I believe?

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To keep from taking this thread too OT, I’d just reiterate, create issues in the repo and we’ll go from there! And ahh it’s emoji reactions…whoa that’d be a trip.


Okay, I will bring them there. Sorry for posting here.

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