What is the requirement for me to log in with LDAP Authentication?

@paula what is the requirement for me to log on to https://fediverse.town/ with LDAP Authentication? I suggest placing a notice or link here on Fediverse Town LDAP Authentication page to enlighten the visitor, what is the requirement for me to log in with LDAP Authentication?

I imagine the requirements are an LDAP username and password, but I have no idea, I never used it.
I can’t even en- or disable LDAP login in the discourse settings.

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@paula can you deactivate LDAP Login here https://fediverse.town/admin/site_settings/category/plugins ?
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I imagine the requirements are an LDAP username and password,

I assume that the prerequisites are that https://fediverse.town/ is supplied with data from an LDAP server :nerd_face:.

Oh yeah, I can disable it there. Should I? If it doesn’t work anyway…

Well, I don’t have any experience with LDAP, but assume if you don’t have a connection to a LAP server, then the LDAP login link will just irritate visitors.

Update Oct 15, 2021
I looked up here

and I understood that discourse itself provides an LDAP server if discourse-ldap-auth plugin is installed. The only question is if:

  • you as admin need the additional functionality provided by discourse-ldap-auth plugin
  • if you are willing to spend the extra effort for the administration of the discourse-ldap-auth plugin.
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LDAP is the generic form of what’s in the Windows world called Active Directory. There’s not much use for it outside an organization that wants to have centralized login management. I’d disable it just to reduce confusion for new users.


As I said, I have no experience with LDAP, but when I saw the login button “Let’s create your account with LDAP”, I thought that the users who already have an identity on a trustProviderX server trusted by the https://fediverse.town/ admin could log in with this trustProviderXID via the LDAP bridge. Could - theoretically - lower the barrier to entry for some of the potential fediverse.town participants and extend the reach of fediverse.town significantly, but would mean an additional administration effort for the LDAP bridge feature. From a technical point of view - I think - it’s the same as logging in with GitHub, Facebook or Google account.

I disabled the plugin, but the login method still appears. :confused:

Well then, there is nothing left but to write a bugreport here


If this forum is in fact hosted using Yunohost like @paula mentions in other topic, the discourse-ldap-auth plugin is installed automatically together with forum, so that Yunohost server users can log in using their credentials :slight_smile:
I doubt if creating ticket would do anything, as the plugin repository seems to be long dead, besides I believe that you’d have to restart Discourse system service for this to take effect :slight_smile:

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Ah, that makes sense.

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