What features should a community driven Mastodon fork have?

There are some Blocklists which can be used by instances to block instances which include for example harmful content. Some in this forum )for example myself) are the ones maintaining “fediblock”.


That’s awesome! What a cool public service :blush::+1:


I am confused because glitch-soc has editable post length but has a red X for that. Started a legend that needs a bit of clarification.

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Where in Glitch-Soc can you change the post length? I can’t find it.

The config file @ https://github.com/glitch-soc/mastodon/blob/main/.env.production.sample#L243

Also poll opt for that matter, unless the check should mean editable via UI. If Corgidon allows edit of char lim via UI, then that’s some code I want to check out.

Edit: Found it! https://github.com/msdos621/corgidon/pull/7/files

Feature: Watching posts

I have another feature, maybe hard to implement in intuitive way…

In Discourse and Github etc. comment threads are flat lists. You can only quote from above. Once you commented you are now watching the thread.

But on Mastodon discussions are trees. They are flattened (unintuitively) into a list as well, but depending which post has the focus you may see different branches (and these branches break when someone deletes their toot). What happens very often to me is that I find a super interesting toot, post a response to it and there’s some discussion. And then later on coincidence I find that their was way way more discussion… just not on the branch that I happened to comment on.

What I need is something of a Watch Post feature.

And I want that to operate in such way that watched post replies appear in my Notifications list, as if I were mentioned.

Update: Fedi poll here Humane Tech Now: "#Fediverse does this happen often to you too? Yo…" - Mastodon

Update2: The poll got some good replies already, and one by @macgirvin that led to Fetching a conversation and a Watch Post feature - ActivityPub - SocialHub


I’d love that feature too.


Feature: Listing Bots

The poll for the Watching Posts feature triggered some interesting discussion. But one thing that happened again was - and this is related to the forked discussions on fedi - is that people discussed stuff already addressed in other discussion branches. Hence I had to toot the same link to SocialHub topic 3 times.

I wanted to generate a diagram of the discussion thread. There’s a bot for that (created by @ColinTheMathmo), but I couldn’t remember its name and how to invoke. So I had to do some searches in my Mastodon history to figure that out. The bot invocation happened to be done via tooting “Calling @Chartodon@mathtodon.xyz”.

That got me to thinking this would be a nice feature:

Easy way to list available Bots

Now, there could just be another bot that handles this and I’d invoke something like “@Bots please”. But that would be very sub-optimal. It would pollute a discussion with my toot (even though on a sub-branch with only me mentioned), and someone would need to maintain the aggregator Bot. Plus there might be malicious bots in that list, or ones I’d like to blocklist for some reason.

Instead well-behaved bots might be Service actors that announce themselves on the fedi, and can be followed by (the Service actor of) instances, or by individual fedizens. Both the instance and fedizen now have a way to configure an allowlist of bots.

Only thing missing now is an easy way to consult the list. This might be part of the Mastodon UI now, that shows me a list of bot names + description + optional invocation instructions.

Update: I created a Poll to ask fedizens how they feel about this feature: Humane Tech Now: "#Fediverse would you like to have an easier way t…" - Mastodon

Was just going through the list and propose to remove Framapiaf, Soapbox, Florence and Smilodon.

Soapbox is a Pleroma fork. Soapbox-FE is Mastodon compatible but for the purposes of communities that are choosing from a Mastodon flavor, my thinking is it would be one which is a full replacement, not a component.

Framapiaf didn’t add or modify any functionality.

Florence’s repo is archived but is interesting for historical context. Maybe another thread on Mastodon history would be interesting.

Smilodon appears to have removed most features, opting for public-only interaction and hasn’t had any updates for a year.

I now understand the favicon request I think. Was that because Mastohost didn’t allow edits of any files at all on their platform? I’ve found replacing the file in /public is untouched through upgrades.


I switched columns and rows because there are more desired functions than forks.

  • Ex-/importable instance blocklist

Does anyone have a link to or want to explain what is meant by this? Mastodon has domain blocks with import and export so I feel this must imply a more specific vision.

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Users can import and export instance blocklists, but admins/instances can’t.


Here’s what I see in Administration → Federation. Isn’t that an instance blocklist or do you mean one that can also block individual users on other instances?

Edit: C4Social already added this.


No, but in normal Mastodon those import export buttons in your screenshot don’t exist.


I’ve updated the table.
@weex could you check if that looks correct to you?


@paula Sure, updated both Ecko and Gitch-soc as configuring # of poll options is done in a config file for each.

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2 more questions:

  1. do config file edits survive an update?
  2. do you think in the future it would be possible to edit these things in the adimn settings? e.g. upload a favicon like the mascot image?

in pixelfed for a while you could edit the config file from the admin settings.

  1. Config files definitely survive any kind of reasonable update procedure. So Yunohost and the way I’ve installed Ecko through docker-compose.

  2. I do think so, and the way to help there is just to log issues in the various projects. For example, I created https://github.com/magicstone-dev/ecko/issues/245 based on this thread. I highly recommend a github account for anyone who wants to drive a little action in the various projects toward checking these boxes.

I’m surprised pixelfed removed that if they did. Most web applications allow admins to configure everything via web interface so I’ve been surprised at how often it’s a config file in the fedi space. So it’ll come. Just needs to be brought up more.

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As of yesterday I’m running my first Ecko instance at https://social.wien.rocks.
So, installation via YunoHost :heavy_check_mark:. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @paula for all of the valuable feedback and now live testing! Feel free to add to the list of public instances. :rocket: