What do you think about content management tools (scheduling, analytics) for the Fediverse?

I created an article about scheduling and analytic tools for Mastodon on the wiki:


I wonder what people think about such tools?
Should Mastodon/other Fediverse software have them integrated?
Should there be good external tools for those who need them?
Or shouldn’t this exist at all?

I think its probably a good thing that analytics are not integrated, because we wouldn’t want everybody to look at them all the time. But I think its good there are tools (emerging) as they could bring more professional social media users to the Fediverse.
E.g. my local and national FridaysForFuture groups would probably be active in the Fediverse (and not just as crossposters) if Scompler offered support for Mastodon.


I’m not a statistics nerd, so I don’t need it, but as long as it doesn’t mean too much tracking of users and too much posting according to what algorithms tell you to post I don’t see no harm.

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