Welcome to Town - Introduce Yourself Here!

Hi and welcome to Fediverse Town, the forum for the Fediverse.
Let’s introduce ourselves here.
I’ll start:

I’m Paula a :enby: non-binary :trans: Trans Woman, who is :ace: asexual, :wtf: wtf-romantic and :gyn: gynophile.
My pronouns are she/her.

Some of my Fediverse accounts are:

Talking about my mental health

I suffer from:

  • F33.1 Recurrent depressive disorder
  • F40.1 social phobia
  • F60.3 Emotionally unstable personality disorder
  • F60.6 Anxious (avoidant) personality disorder
  • F60.7 Dependent personality disorder
  • F81.3 mixed disorder of scholastic skills

I host/am the admin of:

I’m involved with:

I host a lot of stuff and that costs a lot, so if you want to donate a bit look here.


Hi there!

I never got really used to Discourse, but I did it and registered :slight_smile: I hope I am doing right posting my introduction here.

I am Georg, living in Leipzig/Germany. My pronouns are he/him.

In the fediverse you can find me at @gcrkrause. I am admin at lediver.se, maintainer at Funkwhale and involved in some other projects not related to the fediverse :wink:

I am a white tech guy and therefore the group who is able to use the fediverse without any barriers. This makes me a really like person, but I really hope there is a way I can help to make the fediverse a more welcoming and diverse space. Thats mostly why I am joining here, to have discussions how to solve these problems on a technical but also social level, maybe with more time and calm then possible at Mastodon.

Thanks for the effort to host this forum :slight_smile:


I am Arnold Schrijver, moderator at SocialHub - community that works on Fediverse open standards and technical ecosystem - as well as initiator and facilitator of Humane Tech Community. I am a FOSS and Fediverse advocate, software dev, techie and maintainer of many lists of interesting resources.


Welcome @gcrkrause and @aschrijver.

Hey cool, I didn’t know you where involved with Funkwhale Georg.
Making the Fediverse a more welcoming and diverse space is exactly the kind of discussion I created this forum for. I hope we can make that true.

Arnold feel free to add your lists to our lists once you are able to edit wikis. I love lists. :slight_smile:


One project I created is called delightful. It is similar to awesome project on Github, but only for FOSS, Open Science and Open Data related resources. With it anyone can add a curated list of resources on their topic of interest, and on their code forge location of choice (gitlab, github, gitea, self-hosted, etc.). I invite anyone to create their own sub-lists (I maintain a bunch of them myself).

Another list is Awesome Humane Tech (yes, you guessed it, a sub-list of awesome project :smile: )


I were involved a little bit since sometimes last year, but I got more involved early this year. Since Agate stepped down nobody was really taking care of the project and now we are on a good way to making the project sustainable. But I am really just connecting the dots and a lot of work is done by different community members.


Hey I’m James. he/him
I already feel very welcome in this forum.
I like @discobot who greeted me.

What can I say about myself? I like Free Software and leftist theory.
I also like gardening and DIY stuff. :house_with_garden:

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Hi James.
Glad you like it here. :slight_smile:


I’m Elli. I’m also a trans woman. she/her

Arnold I think you used the wrong link. It should be https://socialhub.activitypub.rocks/

I’ve been at the SocialHub, but it was too techy for me, so I hope this forum will be more user oriented.


Welcom Elli :slight_smile:

I think your hopes will come true.

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Thank you, Elli. It is fixed now :slight_smile:

You are right about SocialHub being more technical, though we have a non-technical brainstorming area on Lemmy as a companion, called Fediverse Futures. Have a look at this topic about possible collab between our two communities: Positioning and purpose of Fediverse Town community forum.


I’m @LeftyLucy.

First of all: Thank you Paula for everything you do! I’m following you since I joined Mastodon in January and I don’t know anybody who does more for the Fediverse. And I love your guides and lists.

Now about me. I’m a leftist, as my username suggests. To be more exact, I’m an anarchosocialist. I hate people who discriminate.
Oh and I knit and stitch.


Very welcome Lucy.
Now I’m blushing :blush:.


So i think now it is time for me to introduce myself.

I am called Proviant (he/him, she/her) and I am a activist in the climate justice movement and also active in antifascist groups. I am living in Germany and I am very interested in decentralised and secure OpenSource Projects.

You can find me at the moment in the Fediverse as @proviant@seizemeans.com (I will update this in the future, if I make new accounts) and maintain a couple of relayed accounts. I am also working with some other people on the Fediblock Blocklist.

I am looking forward to read and discuss many interesting things!


Welcome to the Forum Proviant,

I hope there will be many interesting things discussed here. For now the forum looks quite empty. :ghost:

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#Introduction for Fediverse Town

I Learn and write about DWeb/Fediverse/Decentralization/Tech

My Blogs/SocialMedia & On Mastodon/Fediverse


Welcome to town @RogerVerhoeven .
Wow that’s a lot of links in your linktree.


I’m Mike. I’m a farmer in Bugger All, Australia.


Welcome Mike. :slightly_smiling_face:
Greetings from the Kangoroo-free Austria.