#WebOfAgency, #SocialFabric, #PeopleVerse to distinguish from #Web3 and #MetaVerse?

Social Fabric

I see a lot of fedizens (rightfully) complaining how blockchain / cryptocurrency movement have hijacked and co-opted the Decentralization movement. They try to make themself be seen as Web 3.0 and use the #Web3 hashtag broadly. To those not knowing much about the technology side of things it seems that:

Decentralization equals Web3 equals Blockchain.

And yes, this is super frustrating as it detracts from the many other initiatives that are better and more feasible, less crazy than the blockchain Wild West hype train, or tulip craze.

In a response just now to one of these complaints I pose that we need our own new Hashtag. We have #Fediverse already, but we need a broader category similar to #Web3 to encompass our branch of the #decentralization movement that we are part of with fedi. I’ll quote my toots here:

I think we need our own new word, and a word that still stands upon #decentralization. A word we commonly use, and makes it clear that #web3 is just another fork of decentralization.

And I mean Web3 has zero inspirational value, right? The 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 etc. versioning scheme has become entirely meaningless.

We should be able to come up with something better for our own #commons branch of The Decentralized Web. We have a bunch of hashtags for desired characteristics already. #SmallWeb, #Weblite, #CalmTech, etc.

This here #Fediverse is about doing #Social right this time, agree? #SocialNetworkingReimagined

Why do we need #Web even? It’s where a spider catches flies.

We could be #SocialFabric.

Fabrics are things of human creation. Cloth. Intricate beauty woven by people, artisans, craftsmen. Then when we create social fabric apps we know they wield the fediverse.

#Fediverse is where different things can be interconnected to create something bigger than the sum of its individual parts.

We have most of the capabilities of the #ActivityPub open standards still largely unexplored. Potential not yet tapped into fully. We touched the tip of the iceberg and created federated Microblogging fabric.

Now let’s extend that to the full range of human activity and in ways where online world truly enriches the real world.

We just weave.

I have cross-posted this to Lemmy Fediverse Futures. And in another toot:

Why don’t we use #SocialFabric to distinguish our fork in the #decentralization movement from the non-inspirational #Web3?

Why do we even need the analogy of a spider’s Web where typically flies are caught. Captured, wrapped in, then sucked from their juices, their life flowing out from them.

Let’s move beyond #Web. We are about doing #Social right, do you agree?

#Fediverse #FediverseFutures #SocialNetworkingReimagined #UnitedInDiversity

Btw, also reflect upon the difference between #SocialFabric and #Metaverse … The cold emotionless Neo lives in the Meta Verse doing meta things.

We can have a Social Fabric instead where real humans have some real human interaction, uplifting humanity.

  • The metaverse is all squares and sharp corners. Hard, harsh. Corporate monoliths that reach to the skies. It is Altered Carbon.

  • The Social Fabric is soft, flexible, organic, intricate and beautiful. Towns and villages and friendly people.

(image credit HTNovo, CC BY-SA)

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Let’s ditch Web3, DWeb, Metaverse here come #SocialFabric and the #PeopleVerse

So, I will be using the following hashtags more often:

  • #SocialFabric → much more than Web3, DWeb
  • #PeopleVerse → much more than Metaverse

And, related to the Social Coding movement we are preparing:

  • #SocialCoding → We are ‘coding social’

I also liked a recent toot saying the opposite of ‘centralized’ is ‘autonomous’, not ‘decentralized’. Though maybe even a better word can be found. I really like the notion of ‘agency’. It inspired me to this:


A web where people are in control of their life, their freedom and their destiny. A place where society can flourish online.

It can also be expanded to #SocialWebOfAgency to particularly address the fediverse.

Agency (philosophy):

  • the capacity of an actor to act in a given environment.
  • an individual engaging with the social structure.

Agency (sociology):

  • the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices.
  • one’s independent capability or ability to act on one’s will.

HI @aschrijver, I like the concept of Social Fabric as a broader concept to substitute Web3. I think Fediverse is still a good hashtag to oppose the Metaverse, and it is already popular, we do not need to explain it much. Web of Agency, on the other hand, I find hard to explain to others, although I like it. I think we still need to insist in the use of “decentralization” when we promote the fediverse and the indie web. We should not give up and lose the term only to the crypto crowd.


Agree on all points. I don’t see these hashtags as substitutes of terminology we already use, though, but as additional ones.

  • Fediverse: what it is, what we have. Use as much as possible. But it is a bit technical term and needs explaining of federation and instances, etcetera.
  • Social fabric: what we create on the Fediverse, emphasis on weaving valuable inter-human relationships.
  • Web of Agency: highlights the aspect of personal control and individual freedom. A Fediverse not just for microblogging, but for ‘doing and acting’ together.
  • Decentralization: something we strive for, and where the Fediverse is a means to.

Decentralization and Agency are different desirable qualities in this. Different aspects of that the Fediverse brings to its fedizens.

The web0 manifesto might be interesting to follow up the discussion on this topic:


Yes, I like the term #Web0 and will use the hashtag. The manifesto was also discussed on HN: web0 manifesto | Hacker News.

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