The translation extension

@makarygo I see you installed the translation extension.

How does it work?
What are advantages and disadvantages over how we handled different languages before?

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I was just about to write about this, but my laptop got a bluescreen :confused:
BTW, could you maybe make this topic a wiki, so next time we can it there?

Actually it seems that it does almost the same thing, but automatically; because I only wanted to try it out, I made a copy of page What is Lemmy?, so you can safely try it out on that article :slight_smile:

  1. It creates subpages for each language automatically
  2. It splits the article into paragraphs and provides a nice GUI for translating each part of the article
  3. It handles automatic redirection to proper translation using is Lemmy?- which can be customised apparently
  4. It handles rendering the Language links automatically, also showing how much of the page is translated
  5. It handles automatic translation of the wiki interface (the technical labels)
  6. It handles fallback of not translated parts to english
  7. It allows the translators to see what articles are not yet translated to their chosen language

That’s what I figured out this far, but there’s much more… I believe also that it can handle reusing translated fragments of text, but I’m not certain yet.


Tbh I’m not convinced yet. (I’m getting there).
Is there a quick way to use an already translated page for translation? When you marked the Lemmy page for translation all translations seem to have disappeared.

One way to do it I guess would be to move the existing translations, e.g. to “Draft:…”, then mark the English page fr translation and then copy-paste the translated bits from the moved page.

There is a way to do it manually, let me try.

Oh, there is a tool for it!

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Wow that’s cool. :heart_eyes:
Thanks for finding it.

Yeah, I’m just trying it out with What is Lemmy's Italian version, it’s pretty handy…
Works like a charm!

Hello people!

I’m new to Fediverse town and JoinTheFediverse.
I love the translation extension (on-metawiki) and joined the Fedi Wiki especially to add translations to it.

While translating, I experienced some errors, though.
I’ve attached screenshots.

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