The limit of 500 characters

I love Mastodon, but I’d like to have more than 500 characters. I see some people post longer posts and some of them come from different software (Pleroma, Misskey, etc.) but some come from Mastodon instances.
So I have a few questions:

  • Will Mastodon ever allow more characters by default? I think I heard the main developer is against it?
  • Is it hard for an admin to change the character limit?
  • How can I find instances with larger limits? Is there a list of Mastodon instances that automatically shows the character limit?
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I think vanilla Mastodon will stick with 500.

Afaik you basically have to fork Mastodon, which is more of an effort than it should be. Managed Mastodon hosters that I know only support 500 characters and they say changing that would make troubles with every update.

I only know of this list of German language Mastodon instances, which includes character limits: FavStarMafia > Deutschsprachige Mastodon Instanzen - Content Nation


Cool, thanks for the quick reply. I’ll check out that list. :smile: