Special Interest & Local Instances

Special Interest Instances

I’m starting a list of special interest instances in the fediverse.
The requirements are:

  • less than 2k members
  • special interest that not many other instances have
  • no instance from the FediBlock blocklist.
name software users open language theme
antinetzwerk.de :masto: 90 :heavy_check_mark: :de: anti-authoritarian
blog.rollenspiel.monster :write: 6 :x: :de: roleplaying
climatejustice.global :masto: 28 :x: :globe_with_meridians: climate justice
climatejustice.social :masto: 411 :heavy_check_mark: :globe_with_meridians: climate justice
climatejustice.video :tube: 9 :x: :globe_with_meridians: climate justice
donphan.social :masto: 976 :heavy_check_mark: :uk: Pokèmon
girlcock.club :masto: 751 :heavy_check_mark: :uk: transgender
kirche.social :masto: 137 :heavy_check_mark: :de: religion
legal.social :masto: 122 :heavy_check_mark: :uk: legal debate
literatur.social :masto: 197 :heavy_check_mark: :de: :uk: literature
mental.camp :pix: 2 :heavy_check_mark: :uk: :de: mental health
mobilizon.extinctionrebellion.fr :mobi: 32 :x: :fr: extinction rebellion
plural.cafe :masto: 843 :heavy_check_mark: :uk: plural systems
rollenspiel.social :masto: 172 :heavy_check_mark: :de: roleplaying
seizemeans.com :masto: 38 :heavy_check_mark: :uk: communism, socialism, anarchism
social.rebellion.global :masto: 165 :x: :globe_with_meridians: extinction rebellion
sunbeam.city :masto: 1.850 :x: :uk: solarpunk
tech.lgbt :masto: 997 :heavy_check_mark: :uk: tech + LGBTQIA+
tube.rebellion.global :tube: 52 :x: :globe_with_meridians: extinction rebellion

Local Instances

And here are some local instances.

location name software users open language
Australia aus.social :masto: 1.400 :heavy_check_mark: :uk:
Graz graz.social :masto: 110 :heavy_check_mark: :de:
- write.graz.social :write: 11 :heavy_check_mark: :de:
- tube.graz.social :tube: 15 :heavy_check_mark: :de:
- audio.graz.social :funk: 2 :heavy_check_mark: :de:
- pixelfed.graz.social :pix: 28 :heavy_check_mark: :de:
- events.graz.social :mobi: 9 :heavy_check_mark: :de:
Wien social.wien.rocks :ecko: 9 :heavy_check_mark: :de:
- pix.wien.rocks :pix: 3 :x: :de:
- funk.wien.rocks :funk: 1 :x: :de:
- write.wien.rocks :write: 4 :x: :de:
- tube.wien.rocks :tube: 3 :x: :de:
Augsburg augsburg.social :masto: 11 :x: :de:
Bachgau mastodon.bachgau.social :masto: 3 :heavy_check_mark: :de:
- friendica.bachgau.social :friend: ? :heavy_check_mark: :de:
Chemnitz toot.chemnitz.social :masto: 43 :x: :de:
Darmstadt darmstadt.social :masto: 93 :x: :de:
Dresden dresden.network :masto: 128 :x: :de:
Fulda fulda.social :masto: 9 :x: :de:
Köln social.cologne :masto: 62 :heavy_check_mark: :de:
- toot.koeln :masto: 85 :heavy_check_mark: :de:
Magdeburg machteburch.social :masto: 97 :heavy_check_mark: :de:
München muenchen.social :masto: 203 :heavy_check_mark: :de:
Nord-Deutschland norden.social :masto: 981 :x: :de:
Nordrhein-Westphalen nrw.social :masto: 102 :heavy_check_mark: :de:
Ruhrgebiet ruhr.social :masto: 714 :heavy_check_mark: :de:
Scottland mastodon.scot :masto: 1.600 :heavy_check_mark: :uk:
Glasgow glasgow.social :masto: 295 :heavy_check_mark: :uk:
San Francisco sfba.social :masto: 305 :heavy_check_mark: :uk:
Kansas City kcmo.social :masto: 161 :x: :uk:
Wales toot.wales :masto: 4.900 :heavy_check_mark: :uk:

https://plural.cafe/ could also fit on that list.
As well as girlcock.club

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Thanks, I’ll add them right away.

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@paula you might have missed it

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Oh yeah thanks.
I didn’t add the todons, because:

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This sounds a really good plan, perhaps get all these added to Trunk

that way, hopefully we can make it much easier to find and join instances.

I think it is also important to say to people that these topics are not explicit I would assume people joining tech.lgbt for example can still chat about sport for example.

I think we need to remember that a person may join an instance, but have a range of interests so someone may be into tech, science and sport, in which case they won’t want to join 3 instances, but may want to follow people on each, so we need to ensure people understand this is fine.