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I’ve seen people request recipes before, but I haven’t seen a good way to share recipes via the Fediverse. Some people use git to save their recipes. There are some great FLOSS recipe programs like Gourmet Recipe Manager (Gourmet Recipe Manager). I also like Nut (NUT Nutrition Software download | for helping with nutrition information. I’m seen some tags on Mastodon related to baking, etc. and some groups on Lemmy for recipe sharing that don’t seem very active. I’ve also tried searching Gemini and searching with Indie web search engines for recipe sites. I’m sure there used to be some recipe mailing lists and bulletin boards, but many have probably been replaced like social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Think it would be nice if there was a way to gather some of these different techniques for sharing recipes in one place (maybe one of the Delightful lists on Codeberg or a wiki someplace). Would also be nice if there was a more active Fediverse forum where people could share information on recipes and nutrition related tips, someplace people could have conversations going or request recipe help and get replies to their requests.


Woah, that’s actually a really good idea!

Nice idea. I started the delightful project and can help you set up a list if you like to start tracking resources. The list would be part of then. It doesn’t have to be hosted on Codeberg either, though that’s where all current lists reside (btw, building the website from external repositories is an untested feature).

In terms of the delightful project… it is slow-growing but I’m hoping it becomes as well-known as Awesome project on Github, and it is oriented to the Fediverse by announcing delightful additions in toots.

I did get an account on Codeberg, so I’d like to put it to good use at some point. I’m just not a big fan of working with git and markup. HTML is so much easier for me to write documents in because I’ve been using it for years. I also prefer other version controls systems to git, but that’s just my personal preference. It would be really helpful to have a simple how-to guide with all the steps needed to accomplish creating a Delightful list. Then, someone could just follow the steps and add their own content. Otherwise, there’s going to be a learning curve and people may not have the time to get up to speed especially when they have other methods of sharing the same information that they prefer that are faster and easier. I somehow don’t think non-programmers are going to want to learn git that quickly just to share their favorite links with others. Some simple steps to get started and a working Delightful list created might help overcome the inertia.

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I can understand that. Like Awesome project, Delightful has a primary audience of people where most are familiar with these tools. I am happy that Yarmo (of created the friendlier Delightful Club website, so that on the read-side people do not have to navigate Codeberg.

On the write-site there’s 2 ways to edit list entries, 1) entirely via the Codeberg UI via the ‘Edit File’ icon shown when navigating to the, and 2) by making a clone of the repository, use your own text editor of choice, and commit changes via git (which is easiest when you are a maintainer, as you can do it directly).

The Markdown syntax is arguably simpler to learn than HTML. This will take a couple of minutes to master. Using Git in option 2) is a little trickier, but you’ll need the minimum basics of git power, if you are a maintainer:

  • A one-time git clone <repo-url> to get a local copy of your delightful list
  • A git pull before you start editing to get latest changes from Codeberg
  • A git commit -am "My commit message" after you saved your edits in the text editor
  • A git push to send your changes to Codeberg and update the repository

Some explanation on markdown to use can be found in the root delightful project at:
Here some of the above instructions might be added as well.

Followed your directions for editing through the web interface. I just looked at the raw code for some of the other delightful lists and tried to put together something similar. This one isn’t about recipes, but here’s me first attempt at trying to come up with a Delightful list: lmemsm/delightful-c-software: A curated list of of lightweight, cross-platform C programs and libraries. - delightful-c-software - I think this is more equivalent to one of the Awesome-C lists, but with very different choices in software and libraries from those lists. Let me know if it needs modifications. Thanks. Now that I have one built, any other subjects that someone would like to see covered? I mainly have FLOSS program lists and a few lists on information related to fonts and public domain and Creative Commons resources.

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Oh, I love it :heart_eyes: It is wonderful to have a new delightful list. Nice work @lmemsm, I’ll get this in motion to see it added to the club, and then announce on fedi. There are a couple of minor finishing touches, I’ll create an issue for that.

On the other topics… if you have a passion to maintain a list on them, and they fit the delightful theme (or formula, or whatever), then it’s a go. Right now there is someone who maybe wants to start a Delightful RSS list, for instance. And I am hoping someone will someday create a list on FOSS video editing, graphics design tools, etc. where there so many around that are fabulous, but many people don’t know about.

But I think important for these list is that you’d love to have them yourself, for your own delight as well as for that of others :slight_smile:

Good to hear you like it. Made some modifications based on your issue. I definitely would like to encourage more lightweight FLOSS C software, so I think this is a good topic for me to maintain.

I’ve written some articles on video editing and I have a list of graphics editing tools and other information I’ve put together for Software Freedom Day ( Open Source Software - Resources Page ). I tend to prefer cross-platform and lightweight utilities over the more usual FLOSS choices people often use though. For my next project, I’d really like to put together a good list of software for the visually impaired and for improving accessibility. Will have to see how that goes.

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As soon as Yarmo merges my PR, the list should be up on Delightful Club. It’s also added to the top-level project. When I announce it on the fedi I will include a call for someone interested in video/graphics list.

Now, that would be a super topic. It might be a co-maintained list to lighten the maintenance burden. For instance @Seirdy and @weirdwriter are very active in the field.

Maintaining shouldn’t be a problem. It’s just finding enough resources that would really be useful for someone who is impaired. I put a query out on Mastodon and used the AskFedi tag. Didn’t see much in the way of responses. I have a couple of lists I could use to start something on the topic, but I’d like to get more recommendations especially from people who actually actively use the software and resources.

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