Positioning and purpose of Fediverse Town community forum

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I am delighted to see another fediverse-related forum pop up, and it has a great domain name. What is as-yet unclear, is what it stands for? I.e. it is still just-a-forum with no positioning other than the topic of “Fediverse”.

So maybe this topic can be a brainstorm for that…


SocialHub vs Fediverse Town

I represent the SocialHub community that is the go-to place for both the Fediverse open standards and technical ecosystem evolution. We have a challenge in making people see the importance of having a healthy, strong and growing community here, and that represents a threat for the future of the Fediverse itself.

With the Fediverse Town community there’s an excellent opportunity for a great collaboration:

  • Non-technical: Fediverse Town for all fedizens to discuss the ins and outs of fedi. Our dreams and what ails us.
  • Tech-oriented: SocialHub for technologists and fedizens that want to help build the fedi.

Our collaboration would take the feedback and discussions here as ‘stakeholder input’ for technical developments, and we maximize cross-pollination and collaboration based on this ‘division of tasks’.

Community-driven Mastodon fork?

The recent controversy and discussions related to Mastodon’s official iOS app, and the (also controversial) Open Letter for Eugen to resign, have started to make things moving on the fediverse.

Given sufficient interest a community-driven fork of Mastodon may be created. The discussions here are still very premature, but Fediverse Town forum might provide a home to this, in combination with SocialHub in a collab as outlined above.

Federated Diversity Foundation

If an open Mastodon community effort is started, part of that may include drafting a manifesto with clear community values and long-term objectives to ensure the project direction and steering of the initiative. It may ease governance that is based upon it.

But if there is such a manifesto there’s now opportunity to broaden its scope, and extend it to cover SocialHub and Fediverse Town and create a much broader ‘community umbrella’ as it were. For a long time I’ve felt the need to tackle the general lack of community involvement (and specifically volunteering to doing ‘the chores’, maintenance, documentation and advocacy tasks) as a threat to the future of the fedi.

Spiral Island is the analogy with which I look at what we build at the Fediverse:

Therefore related to SocialHub I started the Fedi Foundation initiative. A solid foundation (not necessarily funded or anything, but it could be) below SocialHub that will ensure this work gets done. See:

The new opportunity that arises now is to combine all of our efforts. See for more info:

Fedi Foundation Website (draft)

Fedi Foundation

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That sounds like a good distinction to me.
I myself am not a very technical person, so a forum “created” (all thanks to YunoHost) by me will probably naturally speak more to the non-techy yommunity.

I’d love a Mastodon fork with more options for the admins, like:

  • set max post lenght to n
  • set max poll options to n
  • upload a custom favicon

And then I’d love that to be available from YunoHost. :slight_smile:

PS: I created a topic for the Mastodon fork here.


Note that I have edited the topic and removed mention of Hometown, as which project might be the basis of the fork is very much undetermined still, just as the whole idea to start this community. But for any fork a similar opportunity exists.

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Since this is a town, I’d like this to be a close-knit community, where everybody knows everybody.
Maybe we could play some icebreaker games?
I know there are many good ones, but I don’t have any particular ones in mind.


I think thats a great idea! We should do that!