Planning Fediverse Foundation

In the Wiki post below you find a summary of the plans for a Fediverse Foundation. Anyone can edit the wiki.

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Fediverse Foundation

β†’ Reminder: This is brainstorm, and just a summary of our ideas and thoughts :thinking:


Here we gather questions that need answering, like:

  • What are the goals and what should the foundation actually do?
  • What kind of legal entity should the foundation be?
    • In what country should that legal entity be founded?

Mission / Vision

Embrace the same visionary slogans as The SocialHub community for the evolution of the Fediverse:

  • United in Diversity: We are inclusive to everyone regardless of background, beliefs, personality and skills.
  • Social Networking Reimagined: We build the vision of what being social online with other people ought to be.

Idea posed by @aschrijver in this comment.


  • Fediverse is fragile and britle. A splinterverse of dispersed initiatives that lacks cooperation / collaboration, hampers evolution.


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