Mobile Apps on Android and Android derived systems

Looking at Get the Mastodon app - Mastodon there are severer different mastodon mobile apps that work on Android.

So just a question do these also work on android derived systems such as replicant (i think that is derived from Android)

So on a similar note the free software foundations’ freedom ladder project lists several mobile systems


Some of which are derived from Android, the above apps mastodon page lists a mastodon native app for the SailfishOS.

If they do can we consider -

  • Making this clear they work on the mastodon homepage
  • Also make it clear if they are available via F-droid repository

I am asking this as it may really help people find the apps they need.

I think if we can collate information in to one single place it can be shared / published elsewhere, and that then should refer back to the original source, as that could be the main primary source of updates.

The same would also apply to apps for other federated systems, so over time (and it will take time) we can build up a really good resource.

If we can also find information on how to develop these apps, contribute then again it helps people.

I don’t mind trying to collate information together, I just need help to gather.

Just a thought.


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Good question. I never thought about possible incompatibilities with ‘mainstream’ android. Can’t help you there.

But I recently ported the ActivityPub client watchlist from Feneas (which will shut down) to Codeberg and gave it a table layout. While I don’t record Android flavours the question above applies to a bunch of other clients on the list.

PS. Additions are most welcome. So PR or file an issue at the repository to see them added…

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Cool thanks for the link, I have added to the article.


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