Mastodon intends to move from Discourse forum to Github Discussions

I just found the news that Gargron wants to move their community discussions to Github, and leave Discourse behind. It is a pity because Discourse will be joining the Fediverse - Discourse - SocialHub and also Github is least likely to ever become a Forgefriend, while the code forge Gitea already made their first steps and added federation-related commits to their codebase. In other words: Gitea is a true forge friend.

It would be absolutely wonderful if both Discourse and Gitea joined the Fediverse. This is by no means certain, and they need help from us fedizens to get there. But it would be a counterweight to other software moving towards Big Tech walled gardens.

More details and sources in the Lemmy post I just created.

Update: Cross-posted to SocialHub community.


It’s a real pity. Seems like Gargron doesn’t like the Fediverse as much as we do.