Mastodon 3 vs Mastodon 4

Mastodon 4 has some cool features, but there are also many things I miss from Mastodon 3:

  • easily open a profile or toot on the original instance in a separate tab
  • profile reccommendations on your profile
  • more than 3 featured hashtags on your profile
  • instance information like total users

All in all Mastodon 4 feels more like a sidestep than a step forward.

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I feel you. I miss those too.

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we’re at 4.0.2 - maybe those beloved features are already on the “comeback”-list :wink:


Mastodon 4.1.0 is out and it has some cool new features:

  • im/exporting system wide domain blocks (finally)
  • listing of followed hashtags :+1:
  • editing media descriptions of posts after posting :+1:
  • exact match is first result in hashtag searches :+1:
  • none of the features above have come back (yet) :frowning: