Linkedin Thread, duckduckgo and privacy + Alternatives to Meta

Hi All
I am really struggling to respond to this thread on LinkedIn

Can someone who is on there please help, we need to mention fedi as an alternative, just I don’t know where to send people for more info. I did suggest here, partly as we are here to build alternatives.

Just struggling with what to suggest.

This is more of a reply to a reply to a LinkedIn Post, I can’t figure out either how to post a link to the right part of it (Linked n Too complex for this)



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Hi, the link does not lead to a post but to someone’s activity page. Could you please provide the link to the post?

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I tried to, but I can’t figure out how to just share a link to the thread that came from this, LinkedIn isn’t the easiest website to use and is really slow at times.

I will have another go.

Rather than send them to some static webpage. I think it’s best to invite them to this community where we can answer any questions, and get feedback on the wiki, and fedi onboarding efforts.

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Well mentioned the website, but the response was he could not find any info, i then explained this is a forum exploring how to build a better social media network.

Which website? If I hear that I’ll wonder what info they were looking for. Some people want an explainer video, others want an FAQ. It’s a process to cover the bases but first we have to learn more about people’s expectations.