Let's start the #FediVolution2022

“Ask not what the Fedi can do for you, ask what you can do for the Fedi.”

What are your Fediverse plans for 2022? What will you do to help the Fediverse?

We already discussed what the fediverse needs in this topic and under the hashtag #fediverseneeds. There you can get some tips on what you could do to help.
We also have a list of things you can do as a non-developer.
One obvious way to help out is the spread the word.

Personally, I’ll continue to give feedback to YunoHost, Ecko and other Fediverse projects, to help them grow. I’ll continue to invite people and organizations to the Fediverse, especially people from Vienna and climate justice activists.
I’ll also continue writing Fediverse guides and help keep the Fediverse safe by being active with FediBlock.
And I’ll try to find new ways to help out, e.g. inspired by what you come up with here.


Yes, I created this forum header to show on SocialHub on 1 January this year:

And a similar image used to toot around:


In 2022 hopefully I’ll continue to be all over the place promoting fedi in many different ways. For a new hashtag I suggested this:

I feel that 2022 should be “The Year of Bonding” for the fedi.

With that I mean on one hand to get more community collaboration ongoing, tighter social bonds. And on the other hand we need to attend to interoperability, the technical bonds that hold the fedi together.

On both sides there’s weakness now.

The Achilles Heel of fedi is that too little is done to see it evolve in healthy ways. Besides “Social Networking Reimagined” the other slogan adopted by SocialHub is “United in Diversity”, and we could also make a hashtag around that. Especially with some of the deeply sad harrassment campaigns that are going on these days.


I’m not sure it makes a good hashtag, but I like the idea behind it.
Maybe we could take the idea we had in this forum - community bonding games - and federate it.

As for what I’ll do for the Fedi, I don’t really know. I guess I’ll try convincing some friends and family members to join.


Bit of a side-step…

Ah, a nice related topic are the Fedijams that are being organized. One started just now.

In FediverseFutures on Lemmy I created a topic for it too:

And here’s the last Fedijam where 2 candidates presented their game: https://lemmy.ml/post/87403

The nice thing is that anyone can collaborate in such game design, not just techies but artists, writers, you name it :partying_face:

I see Fedijam posts in the Fediverse every now and then, but I never understood what that is.

Could you explain in very simple terms?

It is Gamejams (which I never heard of myself until recently) that are playing out on the fediverse. Similar to a hackathon. First themes are proposed and one with most votes selected, then during one week individuals or teams work on building some kind of game around it. The games need not be federated, though it would be very cool if they were. At the end of the week there’s another vote to rank the finalists. There’s no prize, it is just all for fun, and the games need not be polished and stuff.

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Sounds cool, but I don’t think its something I can help with.

Hi! :blush:
So, I actually have plans regarding Fedi this coming year!

  • I would like to migrate my instance, https:/fedi.lewactwo.pl from Glitchsoc to Ecko, which I found lately and which seems to me like an awesome idea
  • I want to help develop Ecko as much as my skill set will allow[^1]
  • I want to help with this really cool Web client that I found few days ago[^2] DashboardFE
  • I would like to translate @paula’s fediverse howtos, if she’ll allow me to
  • I’m wondering about some popularising project in my native language (Polish)

[^1]: I have almost absolutely no programming skills, so I won’t be developing any new code soon, but I’m a graphic/UX designer and I really enjoy writing howtos, FAQs and documentation, so maybe I can help that way :slight_smile:
[^2]: daisuke/DashboardFE: A frontend for Mastodon/Pleroma with heavy inspiration from the tumblr user dashboard. - NotABug.org: Free code hosting


Good plans.

How do you plan on doing that? Create a new instance and tell people to migrate there or is there some way to “sidegrade” an instance to different software?

Sure, go for it :+1:

It is actually possible to move from glitch-soc to Ecko with a bit of command line magic :wink: I already tested it and seems to work, I’ll write it down as soon as it succeeds on live instance to include into Ecko documentation, so I’ll share it then; basically you can just migrate database and media from one to another without major problems.

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I see you already added your instance to the list too: https://github.com/magicstone-dev/ecko/wiki/Public-Instances :+1:

Yeah, I was browsing the repository so I already did :slight_smile:

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So going back to a hashtag that we launch yearly… it would be nice if we turned that into something of a tradition and connected the hashtag to something actually meaningful and actionable. A theme to address for that year, and a hashtag that is more broadly used rather than very seldom by a few people.

#YearOfTheFediverse doesn’t cut it then. It is already used, and can be seen as the kick-off of this tradition. Let’s brainstorm some other hashtags…

What do we want to achieve?

  • A healthy evolution of the Fediverse with more fine fedizens participating and more apps to choose from.
  • Tapping into fedi’s potential (as a delicious social fabric, where many apps seamlessly integrate together).
  • Going beyond microblogging (which already a well-settled use case, but we risk to get ‘bogged down’ in it).

Some ideas:

  • #2022 #FediverseSocialForYou
  • #YearOfSocialReimagination
  • #FediBreaksTheWall
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Hm, what I come up quickly is:

  • #FediLution2022
  • #FediVolution2022
  • #ImagineFediverse
  • #FediVision2022 (as in: not quite perfect vision)
  • #FediTogether
  • #FediverseRising
  • #ANewFedi
  • #TheFediverseStrikesBack
  • #ReturnOfTheFedi
  • #TheFediAwakens
  • #TheLastFedi

Wonderful list. I like this one best:

Some more:


Sometimes I find it a pity that we are so stuck with the term ‘federated’ and fedi this, fedi that… Like Fediverse is a bit of a techinical term, right? Like similar to “internet” and “Web”. Those are really universal names and there’s nothing distinguishing to them anymore. Fediverse should be common, well-trodden ground like that too. But then we need a new name for the phenomenon of using it / being on it / participating in this social fabric.

#TheSociosphere? idk…


I like FediVolution2022 too.


Maybe we should think rather in terms of a “call to action”? As our goal seems to be creating kind of a movement - mobilizing a bunch of people to get together and do something.
I thought about some that could be apropriate for promoting fediverse among “regular users”:

#goFedi or #justGoFedi is my personal favourite, as we could actually build a coherent campaign around it :wink: Imagine kind of “posters” kept in one design system, saying, idk, “Another random ban on Facebook? #JustGoFedi”, “Agressive people on Twitter again? #JustGoFedi”, and so on. There is even domain available gofedi.com / gofedi.org, which could serve as the campaign’s central hub, with FAQ, “Getting started” docs and maybe list of some more interesting nodes.

Another one could be simply #Federate or #FederateNow, you know, like in “Are you tired by ambiguous community standards? #Federatenow” and similar.

And last thing that I came up with is #FediDoesItBetter :wink: You know, a bit confrontational, but also more informative - posting some real use cases and short answers for the key question, that is, “Why should I switch to federated social media?”. Things like, i.e.

This October because of #facebook blackout people around the world didn’t have access not only to their friends’ updates, but also instant messages on #whatsapp and #messenger and pictures on #instagram for seven hours. Why it happened? Because one company owns all this services. #FediDoesItBetter

BTW, the idea of making a unified promo campaign came upon me after reading piece on possible “Fediverse Foundation” here: Positioning and purpose of Fediverse Town community forum


I like your way of thinking about using hashtags. Like that:

JustGoFedi is really cool, even if it sounds a bit Nike-ish. :wink:

Let’s JustDoIt :wink:
A Fediverse Foundation by the people, for the people.

PS: On the other hand #JustGoFedi could more be a general hashtag that is used forever, not necessarily restricted to one year.


Nice inspiration @makarygo … some more: #GoFediGo, #BetterFediTogether.

I think the last one would be good for a yearly campaign. The reason why I was sceptical about our YearOfTheFediverse hashtag, because we could have reached so much more if there was more collaboration. “Better fedi together” is like let’s stick together and make better fedi.

#JustGoFedi is long-stay hashtag indeed.

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It would have fit better in 2018 I guess.