JoinFediverse Wiki in Spanish should use gender-neutral language

Hi everyone, I am posting this here in order to discuss it with future Spanish translators of the Wiki.

I have started the translation work at and will do it using gender-neutral language. Spanish is different to English in the sense of gender use. For example, all our plurals are masculine and that is not appropriate anymore. I will use the inclusive language recommendations by Nibö to edit the wiki and use gender-neutral nouns and articles.

En español:

He propuesto usar el lenguaje inclusivo en la Wiki porque creo que es lo más apropiado. Estaré usando como referencia las recomendaciones elaboradas por Nibö.


Good idea.

I just translated the About page into German and added a guideline to use “genderjust” language in the German part of the wiki.
You could do the same for Spanish.

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Done :slight_smile:
We have an About page in Spanish

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