JoinFediverse Wiki in Spanish should use gender-neutral language

Hi everyone, I am posting this here in order to discuss it with future Spanish translators of the Wiki.

I have started the translation work at and will do it using gender-neutral language. Spanish is different to English in the sense of gender use. For example, all our plurals are masculine and that is not appropriate anymore. I will use the inclusive language recommendations by Nibö to edit the wiki and use gender-neutral nouns and articles.

En español:

He propuesto usar el lenguaje inclusivo en la Wiki porque creo que es lo más apropiado. Estaré usando como referencia las recomendaciones elaboradas por Nibö.


Good idea.

I just translated the About page into German and added a guideline to use “genderjust” language in the German part of the wiki.
You could do the same for Spanish.

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Done :slight_smile:
We have an About page in Spanish

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I posted this proposal for PT-br translation Guidelines before I saw this thread. I’m used to on-wiki debate and still getting acclimated to this forum, that’s why I’ve posted there before getting here.

Anyways, the About pages @jorge and @paula mentioned returned nothing here, unfortunately.

Well, I was thinking, about gender-inclusive language; Isn’t the case of writing a global translation guideline to be inserted in the Meta section?
I’m up for it and could help writing it, specifically regarding Latin-descended languages.

Lastly, I’d like to take something out of my chest: I’m so grateful for the vibes of this project, materialized in this gender-neutral thread. Because, I’m traumatized by the Lusophone Wikipedia’s male-dominant “”"“neutrality”""" dictatorship, where topics like this wouldn’t live to see another day.

Thank you all who has been collaborating with JoinTheFediverse Wiki so far,
This is great.



Hi @calliandra

I completely agree with what you wrote here and in the wiki.

Yes a “Meta:Translation guide” would be great and you made a great start.
Oh and thanks for all your contributions so far :slight_smile:

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Thanks for starting the translation guidelines, Calliandra :tulip: It is a great idea and it is good to have someone experienced in editing wikis around here. I will have a look and work on the Spanish version of the guidelines :slight_smile:

Sorry for the broken links. Maybe those where some of the first versions of the wiki, which has evolved quite a lot in the last months.

I think it is also good idea to bring the wiki discussions to the wiki itself. It would be more efficient. This forum has a wider purpose, actually. Feel free to explore it and participate in it. There is another interesting forum, SocialHub, dedicated to the fediverse discussion. It is more technical but people there are very open to get feedback.

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