has been broken?

  • Language selectors do not work well.
  • The title of the top page is now Join;the;Fediverse. What are these semicolons?
  • The logo of the site is broken.
  • This article in in the side bar is broken.
  • Too many spams.

Yeah the config file was set back to default after an update. @makarygo is looking into fixing it.

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Config file overwrites are a known issue:

Potential solutions include higher-profile warnings and encouraging those configurations to be surfaced during installation.

I’m so sorry, I wasn’t able to take care of it due to health problems, but I’m on it right now :no_mouth:
So it works for now, but I’m fairly certain that it’ll get cocked up again after next update; I’m researching for a way to make this config persistent, but for now I only managed to secure it in a way that should make them easy to restore after updates.
But I promise that I’ll keep working on this :muscle:

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There’s also an option to create custom hooks apparently, but I’m not sure yet how to get started with them…