Interesting Articles About the Fediverse

Let’s gather interesting articles around the Fediverse in English in this topic.

From official Matrix account :

This is huge news - the DMA has passed in the EU Parliament, including the interoperability extension to social media, mandating that the big tech gatekeepers must adopt open standards for interoperability. The world is changing… :smiley: #CompDM


The European Parliament has adopted its position on the Digital Markets Act #DMA with 642 votes for, 8 against, and 46 abstentions.


Three Q’s about preferences on what you wanna collect:

  1. Anything fedizens create
  2. Only fedi as primary topic, non-technical
  3. Fedi as topic, non-technical and technical both
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Any (news) article related to the Fediverse or interesting for fedizens, technical or non-techy. But mostly non-techy.