I'll be gone for 3 months (CW: mental health)

Hey you wonderful people.
Starting on the 27th I’ll be in a psych ward for 3 months. It’s a planned therapeutic stay, so nothing acute.
I’ll probably be quite inactive during that time, but I hope you all will keep using the forum & the wiki and discuss the foundation.

Why I'll be gone

The psych ward I’m going to is specialized on personality disorders and I have 3 of those:

  • My dependent personality disorder causes me to fall in love deep, hard and fast and makes me dependent on the person I’m in love with. This happened 3 times already.
  • My emotionally unstable personality disorder caused me to have a depression because of love two times so far.
  • My avoidant personality disorder I don’t quite understand yet fully, but I think it’s almost the same as my social phobia diagnosis.

I’m sure the stay in the psych ward will be good for me and I’ll have extra energy and motivation to work on things afterwards. :slight_smile:


Get better soon :hugs: I’ve been in hospital for a number of times and it helped me much, so I hope it’ll be good for you as well. If you need anything please let me know

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And same coming from me. Wishing you all the best in figuring out more about yourself and come out stronger. May the experience be uplifting and life trulyshine on you. You deserve it.

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Hi Paula, I wish your time there will help you to recover and that you will return to action soon.
If there is any way I can support you during your absence, please let me know!

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Hope all goes well and you’re able to get competent help. Been trying to get help for dealing with grief for several months now and so far, no luck. You mentioned social phobia. I know some people who were misdiagnosied with social phobia when they’re actually HSP ( Are You Highly Sensitive? – The Highly Sensitive Person ). Might be worth checking into. This might also be of interest: https://bigfive-test.com/ It’s an Open Source project and the source code is available at github.

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Thanks everybody for the kind words.

The answer seems to be no. I only ticked 4 of the boxes.

I took a lot of personality tests and such, but there is always something new to learn.


I’m surprised that I’m this agreeable.

But what I can’t believe is that I’m only 12/20 friendly. That must be a mistake.

Wish you a helpful stay with much insight and peace with yourself.

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I certainly gotta take care of myself to be at my best. If you need help with this place or any other network services, let me know. You’ve done great work here @paula.


echoing the sentiments here, feel free to ask those you trust for a helping hand.

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