📊 How do you define the fediverse?

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of how we define the Fediverse. :wink:


Back in around 2011 (long before Mastodon) we created an experimental project to tie together a number of different traditional web applications into a single core using fediverse-based social networking with distributed identity, access control, and permissions at its centre. This is what I see as the purpose behind where the fediverse is going and this will ultimately define what it becomes. Probably not in the next year or three, because very few projects are looking that far ahead. Following a sarcastic quote from one of my former co-workers “All software evolves until it includes email”, the future of the fediverse is simply that “all software evolves until it include social networking”; because social networking has over time replaced email as the dominant form of communication. This evolution is natural and unstoppable.

So you start with an open core where you (personally) fully control who you share with, and then you build it into everything. At this point it’s no longer a service you subscribe to or belong to, it’s all just part of the open web; an appliance you use to communicate as you go about your life. I need to use the word “open” here because the large network providers are already moving in this direction; as it’s natural and unstoppable. Being built on open standards ensures that everybody can take part.

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Federation was a term I first heard with identi.ca and status.net and then Diaspora. Since fediverse is a portmanteau of federation and universe I understand it as the universe, or entirety, of federated social software.

Where many get confused is applying their model of a universe across all these federated social apps. People enjoy pondering: What if microblogging could talk to picture sharing which could talk to video streaming?

I expect it would be pretty noisy. A good tech demo but not as valuable as making each network better within its use case.

I go to microblogging for thoughts, news, and short opinions about current events and I wouldn’t want my timeline cluttered with every video or photo from accounts I subscribe to elsewhere. When I’m in the mode to watch videos I go to that kind of site and would feel the same about microblogs appearing over in the video feed.

Now, if someone wants this unified feed, lack of code is the only obstacle. For me, email does that job just fine.

So again Fediverse is a cool concept, an organic and largely unknowable set of networks, that help people connect with other people in hopefully healthy ways.


Seems this will be possible rather sooner than later: Humane Tech Now: "Wow, the new release of #Lemmy 0.14 is available …" - Mastodon
Right @aschrijver?


Yep! I did a couple of tests and it works. Bit rough edges still, maybe, and strange to now have another humanetech profile on masto. But very nice stuff overall.

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