How can we make Fediverse Town a success?

This forum existed before and it was nice, but niece. Not many people signed up and there were usually not many active topics at once.
I thought switching software to Lemmy would do the trick, but I couldn’t get Lemmy to accept image uploads so the Lemmy instance was never really used (too boring without a favicon, user avatars and other images).
Now we’re back to Discourse. I like Discourse and I hope one day it will become part of the Fediverse like Lemmy is.
Since back when this forum was “active” a lot of people have joined the Fediverse, leaving Twitter behind.
So how do we get many of these people to join us here?

  • manic monday
  • tooting tuesday
  • … wednesday
  • thirsty thursday
  • funny friday
  • … saturday
  • … sunday

but please: no cat pics! = mastodon = pixelfed = peertube
with a federated and unified login


If you invent a federated unified login I’ll setup the instances. :slight_smile:

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zefix. should have learned how to code :wink: but some kind of oauth should be feasible i guess. need to check…