Has anybody joined the Fediverse because of you?

I wonder if any of you had more success than me in inviting people to the fediverse.
I often talk about it but couldn’t convince a single person to join yet.
2 groups joined because I wrote to them and I like to believe that some climate justice groups joined because I created an instance for them.
I recently created flyers for my Vienna instance… maybe I’ll be successful with them.


Same here.
I haven’t managed to get any friends or family to join the Fediverse, install signal or use any other free privacy friendly alternatives to apps and services they use. It’s a shame.

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Nope. No luck here either. :confused:

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I reactivated a couple of friends and got my local antifascist groups to join (well atleast crosspost). At the moment I reactivate the german FridaysforFuture Account which might help if we finally manage to add social media like the fediverse to our website and our mobilisation.

I had a lot of luck with Matrix, I got FridaysforFuture to join and at the moment we are approximatly 70+ people. (ik its not in the fediverse)


Oh a real FFF Germany account in the Fediverse without crossposts would make me really happy.

Tbh, whats the difference as long as i read dms and like every now an then?

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If there are no “RT @”-s in the Posts there really is no big difference.

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Over time I managed to convince quite a few people to join the Fediverse. But they always had some tech-based interest to do so, sometimes very specifically new social media related. I present Fediverse as a staging ground / field lab for true humane technology and use 2 slogans often, one relating to culture the other to technology. They are:

  • United in Diversity
  • Social Networking Reimagined

After co-organizing the recent EC/EU webinars and workshop a bunch of people from various EU institutions and local governments joined with personal accounts.

I have to say that not all of those people ‘got the vibe’ and their accounts are now mostly idle.