General user-focused, high-level animated Fediverse explainer video?

This is a cross-post. Want to bring your attention to a topic posted by @gabek, the developer of Owncast on SocialHub:

General user-focused, high-level animated Fediverse explainer video?

I’ve looked around for a high-level Fediverse explainer video but haven’t found anything that wasn’t a technical talk.

Sure there’s videos about PeerTube, Mastodon, etc, but I’m thinking something far more generic and not just an ad for a single implementation.

If this doesn’t exist, could we band together to make it happen? It seems like it would fall squarely into the evangelism that a lot of people here are involved with.

My thought is if every project chipped in a few dollars we could commission something that is useful for sharing and everyone could benefit. Just an idea, though!

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Just found this

That site has changed massively since I last visited. Is there anyone from there who could help with this suggestion.

I think we need someone with the right skills, cares about and understands the fedi but also has access to the right hardware / software perhaps blender as that is GPL to help make something.

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I am co-maintaining the watchlists for Fediverse Party, but @lostinlight, who created and updates the website doesn’t have time available, I think. But I’ll point to this thread anyway.

Btw, I also posted that article to Lemmy: