In the Fediverse some people had the idea to found a non-profit in Austria to promote the Fediverse to Austrian organizations, media, public figures, etc.
I think it could well be under the parent organization FediverseFoundation.


Im Fediverse hatten ein paar Leute die Idee einen Verein zu gründen um das Fediverse in Österreich an Organisationen, Zeitungen, öffentliche Personen etc. zu vermarkten.
Ich denke das ganze könnte gut unter dem Dachverband der FediverseFoundation laufen.

Lasst uns hier Ideen sammeln und Pläne schmieden.

PS: Die Diskussion wird auf Mobilizon geführt: https://austria.fediverse.foundation.

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Could you elaborate that a bit further? Do you just mean separate incorporated entities and a partnership relation in the form of collective activities and cross-referencing each other’s resources? Or do you have a more complex franchise-like incorporation structure in mind?

If the latter, I feel it may be premature to consider that now for the complexity it adds, but also since we haven’t got much going until now.

Were the Fediverse Foundation set up as a (multi-stakeholder) platform cooperative, then there might be easier ways to organize for local chapters with a high degree of independence all within a single entity. As a means of organizing such structure Sociocracy comes to mind.

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Not really. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I don’t have any specific way to join the two in mind.

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