Fediverse platform for Movies!

I love the Fediverse and I love cinema :popcorn:, I don’t think I am the only one…
I am surprised nobody has realized a Fediverse software for movies, yet!

I am tired of IMDb, and any possible alternative is centralized, proprietary software.

What I think could be done is to develop a fork of Bookwyrm with the same features, but some key differences that make it the go-to solution for tracking movies you want to watch and that you watched, as well as sharing your thoughts with your friends. I already emailed Mouse Reeve, Bookwyrm’s creator and main maintainer, about this possibility.

I am keeping notes concerning this idea:


Unfortunately, even though I am a Fediverse enthusiast and I cannot stop talking about it with everybody, I am no developer and I cannot practically start working on this, also because my time is too limited to work on such a software. Nevertheless, I hope writing this post could inspire somebody to code something and start a Fediverse platform for movies! :heart_eyes:

Of course I am available for anything else concerning the project: website creation, marketing, bug testing and community moderation, etc.

Thanks a lot for your time!

Happy holidays,
Tommi :exploding_head:

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I love the idea!
I’m also no developer, but would also help with testing and such.


FYI, I added your post as a typical use case for the IdeationHub support platform that is part of Social Coding movement we plan to launch in 2022. See this Codeberg comment.

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Wow! coding.social is awesome! I did not know about its existence. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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