Fediverse Party is now on Codeberg. ActivityPub watchlists moved to Delightful project

With Feneas shutting down the Fediverse Party website by @lightone needed a new home, and so too did the 3 ActivityPub watchlists that existed in the repository wiki. I am happy to announce that all of them have been migrated to Codeberg. With the new and fantastic Codeberg Pages the fediverse.party website is still at the same location.

The watchlists however have been migrated to the delightful project, so update your bookmarks:





This is great. Much simpler to understand where everything is and being under the Codeberg hosting umbrella means these efforts have lower overhead for users and contributors.

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Thank you! I’ll also be announcing updates to the list by toot.

So does this mean https://fediverse.party should no longer be used or does it redirect elsewhere.?

Trying to suggest fediverse as an alternative to people, but the simply can’t find any information about it.

No, it works perfectly fine, dont worry :slight_smile:
As far as I know they just changed hosting.

That is correct. Only change is that we have moved the wiki page watchlists to separate delightful repositories, all in Fediverse Futures - Codeberg.org. Or accessible via:


Oooh, this link I didn’t have!

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