Fediverse logo variations

I created an autumn version of the Fediverse logo:

I also posted it to the Fediverse here.

You can find some other logo variations, like a christmas themed logo, here:


Very cool. I commented through another Pixelfed instance which is something of a test for me on how it federates. Searching for the post by url worked from the other instance though I didn’t see the comment very quickly at the page you linked. Maybe it requires login at wien.rocks?

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Hm, no I don’t see a comment.

Nice one! @paula you may notify @lightone on fedi, because they are collecting such images in Feneas repo. Also @lightone is thinking of doing a Xmas action like other years.

And, related too:

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I actually have to admit that I don’t like this Fediverse symbol, it just doesn’t vibe with me…
But the autumn version is actually really cool!