Fediverse Foundation - let's get serious!

Lots of great ideas on the thread. However, to attract some people to the project, coming up with lists of concrete goals and requirements would be very helpful. What criteria do you need to meet to join the project? Can you just say you want to join or are there other requirements involved? What specific tasks do you need members or volunteers to work on?

aschrijver mentioned people might tend to volunteer to do the parts they like and avoid the chores. Everyone has different ideas of what they consider the fun parts. For me, that might be coding. However, there are some projects I want to code because they fill a need and some I’m not interested in because I’d never use the results. The trick is finding people who have a similar enough goal and are going to be working on it anyway. The hard part is getting people to agree on ways to accomplish a goal. It doesn’t help if two people want to write a program to do X and one is writing in Rust and another is coding it in C. You need enough in common that the different volunteer efforts can be coordinated or combined together in a way that provides added value instead of detracting or competing for resources.

Liked the comments about a social coding initiative. I haven’t felt comfortable with commercial sites to share software. I typically try to send my code fixes back upstream to the original projects. However, many projects aren’t interested in my modifications for various reasons such as not desiring to support yet another platform. (I do a lot of cross-platform application development.) That leaves me with tons of patches and modifications I maintain. I’ve tried sharing the patches with others via the web, but there doesn’t seem to be any interest in them. Would be nice to connect programmers with people who may be interested in using or beta testing their modifications, forks or customizations of software.

Would also be nice to use the Fediverse and the various Creative Commons, public domain and other Free multimedia resources to unite consumers/artists (similar to users/programmers) for other artistic purposes besides programming/code. Saw mention of using the Fediverse for game jams and shared worlds in another thread. A long time interest of mine is public domain fan fiction. It would be nice to have shared worlds to create multimedia for without having to worry about problems with copyright, drm, etc. Would love to get involved a shared world writing project. The Fediverse might be a great way to facilitate a project like that. Would be great to create interesting enough shared creative worlds that people would want to share stories, music and videos about it (and maybe even games). It would also encourage people to seek out Fediverse options to access that content.


You are absolutely right, but please, remember that we started talking about it only this morning :sweat_smile:



Do we have any folks round here that have non-profit administration experience? I think that is probably a set of skills that would do wonders for this project. I imagine with some experience in that area we would have a much smoother start. (I’m starting down the road of doing graduate work in the Social Work field, so I don’t have experience in this area yet, but it’s something I’m interested in).

More concretely, sounds like we should also be mindful of power structures as we talk about getting this off the ground. Once there is an official legal entity, how will decisions be made? Vote? Traditional heirarchy? Some other co-op design? I don’t think there’s any inherently good or bad thing to decide there, but I’m sure some are more suitable for this idea than others.


@paula Sure please do, will be happy to contribute on discussions if possible before going full on development.

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I think to start a project it’s always good to think about this pyramid.

How it works:


Usually you start at the top and define values.
@aschrijver that is where I’d categorize the united in diversity slogan.

So values could be (just to give you an idea):

  • diversity
  • cooperation
  • grassroots democracy
  • degrowth


Then you define a vision according to those values.
The vision doesn’t need to be achievable, but aspirational.


  • A Fediverse where everybody can feel safe and heard
  • Software collaboration to strengthen the Fediverse.
  • A foundation that everybody can join, that nobody gets rich off and where we decide things democratically and from the bottom up.


The mission is an achievable goal, like:

  • Finding ways to collaborate on moderation between instances.
  • Funding software projects that need funding through donations.
  • Founding a foundation that is as close to the vision as possible

Strategic Objectives

This is where the actual planning starts.
What do we do? How do we do it (according to our values)? What’s the roadmap?


Here we define specific tasks and find people to do them.


Great post @paula! Yes, a process is needed. I have used similar approaches in companies I worked for, though not in grassroots communities where I expect it will be harder to rigorously stick to it.

I feel that we should roughly follow such or a similar approach, but also should take into account that at this early outset everyone is brainstorming and we want to listen to all voices, get the best ideas. So that means sorta that while we go down the pyramid to more concrete levels, we can all place our “sticky notes” to whatever level it belongs to, and that stuff we consider later on, once we get there, to elaborate and decide if / how they fit.

Note that this forum and matrix too are poorly suited to brainstorming. Maybe we can create a Mural (or use similar tool), that is divided into sections like above pyramid, and we can all draw our sticky notes to them. Then once we feel that we are sufficiently done with that we can organize a vidcall workshop to shift and filter, and refine?


Wow, this is a really cool effort.
I don’t think I have a lot of time to help, but I’ll for sure follow the process. :slight_smile:


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Please everybody try to use a color that hasn’t been used yet for your sticky notes, so we know who wrote what.


Thanks for opening the discussion. I have made some contributions.

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I’m reading through the mural posts. Pretty cool. Regarding the Mission note on legal advice for small organizations, maybe something could be done in conjunction with EFF. They already do something like that. Also, for the Strategy note about local events, maybe something could be done in cooperation with other groups that run events such as the Software Freedom Day group. Both groups could benefit from combining resources and they already have a yearly world-wide event with local groups that participate.

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I do not consider values to be the pointy end. In my opinion, they are the foundation.

Speaking of values, I’ll pass on Mural.


Yes, sure, the pyramid could be the other way around, or it could be a different form entirely.

Do you have another suggestion for a similar tool?

Wiki post for listing FOSS whiteboard alternatives

This is a wiki post that anyone can edit…

I did look for a good FOSS alternative after we found out about that signup requirement. But didn’t find something similar, online canvas-like with just sticky notes. Was sure I’ve seen something in the past. Really love to see strong open alternatives in this space, and tooted about it a couple times. I may look around a bit more today using AlternativeTo and some other places, if I have time.

(In the meantime I signed up and added some stickies myself.)

Note: I tooted, asking for alternatives and will mention suggestions below in this post. I also asked a friend if they may temp host our Mural on their subscription plan, that comes with Guest access.

FOSS alternatives

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The ToriOS project was using this site for brainstorming:
Looks like there’s a Kanban option at that site as well as some others. They were just using a sheet to share ideas. I’ve seen some of the agile groups in my area use Kanban for brainstorming.

Ah yes, I tried the whiteboard, which is not suitable. The Kanban might be used, but it is not ideal.

Just a short notice from on the road, briefly browsing the thread after being pointed here on Mastodon. Great project, utterly important. Ready and willing to support im any way possible.
Best regards,


Welcome Kristian! Nice to see ya here :smiley:

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Thanks. Good to see this gaining speed, thanks for pointing me here.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes I set that account up for them as i was part of ToriOS, it kinda went quiet as life got i n the way for people but kanban is really functional for planning etc, plus we can have groups on there so collaborate on pads for written text we need to get right,