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suppose at some point mastodon needs the ability to utilize external blacklists. maintaining blacklists manually sucks. feature request on its way :wink:

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Please add tailswish.industries to the list. Reason: Cyberbullying, deception, character assassination, psychological abuse. Sources:
[1] https://www.vulpine.monster/
[2]The ostracism of Agris: Exposing cult-like behavior in SpinDizzy, FurNet, and other places

I’m sorry this happened to you, but

  1. its only your word and
  2. you should go to the authorities with this, not to FediBlock
  1. It’s not just my word. What compelled you to say that? The receipts of all events are there in the /timeline/ folder to back up any of the summarizations. That’s also what the numbered reference links go to if you click on them. There are also several witnesses. Others have written articles about the same issue from their perspective.
  2. I have. Is there a specific authority your referring to?

If you need any help interpreting the information or you want specific questions answered let me know.

I would like to anonymously report misskey.io for harassment, violence, HomoMisia and TransMisia.


  • My first language is Japanese, and I’m fairly fluent in English. In order to give a fair interpretation, I translated the related posts to English with DeepL.
  • I uploaded all posts (including translations) and figures to https://mega.nz/folder/Tx1TWC5S#k0jy0QXXttxWd-Qx-zcW4Q

Parties Involved:

  • (A1) 村上さん (AureoleArk@misskey.io): the admin of misskey.io
  • (A2) АнамезонСудно☢No Nuke, No Life (AerospaceCadet@mstdn.jp): one account of mstdn.jp


AureoleArk@misskey.io (A1), the admin of misskey.io, has revealed that the moderation team had put some LGBT-related words to its list of “sensitive words” (i.e., a word filter) to make any posts including such words “Unlisted”, arguing that A1 needed to implement that censorship to “protect” LGBT people from harassment. After revealing that, A1 argued that LGBT-related posts can cause troubles and advocated “Don’t say gay” policy.

A few moments later, A1 announced that he removed all LGBT words from its sensitive words list, and deleted his posts related this event.

What Happened:

As A1 announced the removal of the LGBT word filter, AerospaceCadet@mstdn.jp (A2) shared in P2 several domains as a recommended list for blocking, with a self-reply P3. (see figures F1 and F2)

The account A2 had previously made a violent post P1 of threatening feminists and LGBT people. (see figures F4 and F7)

Then, A1 replied to P2 with thanks and “renoted” globally the post P2. (see P5, F1, F5 and F6)
(Note 1: “renote” in Misskey is equivalent to “boost” in Mastodon)
(Note 2: the posts P1 and P2 have been deleted.)

After posting P2, A2 made another violent post P4 showing will to kill people in liberal arts. (see F3, F9 and F10)

Main Issue:

It is obvious that sharing the post P2 is very likely to cause harassments against the users belonging to the instances in P2. And unfortunately, after the above happenned, one instance listed in P2 (toot.blue) received a large amount of harassments from accounts on misskey.io, and the admin of toot.blue reportedly blocked misskey.io. (see P6 and F11)

The problem here is that the account A1, the admin of misskey.io, one of the largest Misskey instance in Japan with 171330 registered accounts as of 2023/04/26 (see F12), globally shared and thankfully replied to the post by A2 clearly showing violence, HomoMisia and TransMisia.


Given the event shown above, I hereby report misskey.io to Fediblock, hoping this prevents future harassments.

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An attorney who was swarmed today with hateful comments has listed servers where the coordinated attacks originated.

It looks like you’ve blocked several of these already, but adding them here for the record, they seem to be related.

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