Drafts need feedback

There are a few drafts on the wiki that could do with some feedback:


There’s content that makes me uncomfortable in general

In terms of the above I generally just mute people if they post something that I don’t like or find could be offensive.

However I will mute what is boosted not the person who boosted it. (so the original poster)

We need to consider a few things

  1. What is being said

  2. Context (is it a quote) and is it the context clear,

  3. What would happen if
    Employer past, present or future sees it
    Colleagues past, present or future sees it

Look after yourself FIRST

As adults we should use the tools open to us, I would rather not even engage as doing, in some cases gives that person the attention they crave, let them post racist comments for example and let their employer see it and sack them.

I do understand the argument they may be misguided, but it is not the job of users to police all this, if everyone mutes people then eventually they just shout in to the ether at themselves.

Trying to argue with people, will just, in some cases antagonise people, it will also by replying add those words / comments to your feed, again taken out of context if seen.

I know there are people on fedi (as with other platforms) who promote their different views, racism, promote child abuse, anti vaccination etc, but this is part of a wider problem that I don’t have the answer to.

It is difficult one to answer, but all we can do is our best to avoid seeing negative content.

In terms of anti vaxx I agree that for some people who may be allergic to an ingredient, Lets not argue with people but promote science, & evidence / research based science generally.