Do we still need

It’s been quiet here lately except for the hidden FediBlock topics.
Since I’m no longer a member of FediBlock I wonder if we still need this forum.

What do you think?

Think this is a wonderful forum. I’m sure we can get some interesting discussions going if someone posted some topics to talk about.


I agree with @lmemsm. OTOH I know that enticing fedizens to interact on forums like this, and create a lively community takes a lot of dedication, time and effort (as you well know from your own community building experiences, I guess).

I’ve not been as active for the last several months and I suppose that’s a natural thing for many. I didn’t quit the fediverse or Ecko. It’s just that other things in life called more for that attention and energy. If you look at any long-term project, progress wasn’t continuous but if done for good reasons it can grow in waves. If there are challenges I hope that other maintainers might have a chance to carry the torch or as a last resort that it all be archived so that the many valuable discussions we’ve had here can be preserved. Best thing I think is for the forum to stay up and for it to grow as more people get interested in the fedi in the future.


Those are hardest decisions. I am faced myself with that question for Humane Tech Community which has a great archive of good discussions, created with much sweat and tears. It is now mostly inactive and discovered by SEO spambots which I remove on a daily basis. If I’ll shutdown HTC (which entails handing it back to Center for Humane Technology), then I want to have a snapshot archive up on a domain I own myself ( I found this Discourse topic that offers several solutions FYI: