Could other Fediverse projects benefit from social media scandals, like Mastodon does from Twitter?

I wonder if other Fediverse projects are ready for a mass migration like Mastodon was/is?
Could #projects:pixelfed handle hundreds of thousands of users coming from Instagram? Would these users stay or would they leave after a while because of lack of usability?
What about Friendica vs Facebook? Lemmy vs reddit? Funkwhale vs Spotify? Bookwyrm vs Goodreads?

I feel like Mastodon is by far the most well rounded software in the Fediverse and other projects don’t really stand a chance against their capitalistic competitors yet. Pixelfed is probably closest, but it still lacks in discoverability, instance-picking guidance and federation.

What do you think?

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I only know Mastodon first hand, but, from what I’ve read, I get the same feeling.
Afaik only Mastodon has an account migration feature and there are no crossposters for other software. I know many people hate them, but lets be honest. Without crossposters we’d have a lot fewer Twitter users in the Fediverse.

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You can crosspost from Twitter to Friendica too.

But yeah an Instagram-Pixelfed crossposter would sure do a lot for Pixelfed.