Community building and software types

Hi all,

I’m planning on launching a small instance, and my first thought was to install Mastodon.

Coming across this thread, about running an instance as Community vs Service, got me wondering if there were any Heuristics around choosing Software for Community building.

Between Mastodon, Pixelfed, and Lemmy there are differences relating to the primary Content type of each platform, but are there any other factors to consider?

(I’m probably using the category/tags wrong)

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Hi! Welcome back!
From my experience (and I am/was hosting lots of fedi-adjacent stuff, including Mastodon (also Ecko and Glitchsoc forks), Pleroma, Lemmy and Peertube - you definitely have to consider your technical expertise level and technologies you’re most familiar with.
Size of the project you want to launch is a factor as well – if you want something simple, that just “speaks” to Fediverse, probably best way to go would be one of WordPress plugins; if you wish to run a big, full-fledged network, you may be interested more into Pleroma; and so on.


I’m actually contributing to this plugin :sweat_smile:

These are great points, thanks

That’s cool! Which one?