@chatbot based search assistant design and implementation

This thread is about approaches and possibilities of realising a concrete solution “@chatbot based search assistant”. I assume that for some users the @chatbot navigation can be attractive as a slightly differently presented search function. You are not dealing with an anonymous, faceless search function, but with a being with human features, e.g. with a face :owl:.

Compared to an ordinary search function, such a @chatbot does not need to have any outstanding features such as text and context analysis. It would simply be enough if chatbot is able to send to him - or to you - a female chatbot :slight_smile: - with the mention @chatbot, apply filters to the appropriate sources and display the result, the snippets from the hit list in the form of a reply in the thread.

The help-seeker can define the source as either the documentation for a specific software package, subject area, a specific website - or even the files on his/her own hard drive or in the personal cloud. When searching on the hard disk, advanced @Chatbot users could then apply the filters of the “find” search.

An important advantage of the integration as a source of self-stored files on the hard drive or in the personal cloud is that the users:in the approximate outline, the self-created structure of information is known and so the search filters can be applied specifically and so the skills in using the search filters can also be applied to unknown structures.

= source list =
[1] find (Unix) -

[2] ELIZA -

[3] Microsoft Bob -

[4] Technologie Chatbot? Eine Checkliste als Entscheidungshilfe für mögliche Anwendungsfälle -

[5] Unterstützung der Bürgerkommunikation im Bundesamt für Justiz (BfJ) für das Schlichtungsverfahren Luftverkehr. Projektdokumentation - Team Chatbot

[6] The Fediverse Challenge - Community - SocialHub - Aug 2, 2021
[7] Chatbot based communication , Oct 19, 2021

I’ve read both your topics and have to admit, that I still don’t understand what chatbot is (supposed to be).
Could you explain it in a few simple words.

I have set the identifier
@chatbot as an umbrella term for solutions that have similar functionality to @discobot. I deliberately did not not use the term @discobot because in the thread

it is about topics navigation, help ( manuals ), training and finally an interactive communication. Not all of these topics are covered by @discobot functionality.

In the project @chatbot based search assistant design and implementation only a search engine has to be realized. This is a search with these features:

  • the input field of this search engine is the field for creating or replying to discourse posts on a discourse-based platform
  • the search engine is activated @discobot - just like the task in the training sessions, for which @discobot eventually creates a certificate
  • and the search has a face - like @discobot :owl:
  • additional feature that @discobot doesn’t have in the current version - the user:in can expand/restrict the source that is searched, e.g.
    • current website
    • own harddisk
    • own cloud e.g. at nextcloud

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

So this would be a discourse plugin?
I moved tge topics to #forum as this is not a Fediverse project as I understand it.

Just so you know. I installed discourse via YunoHost, which is super easy. I don’t know if I have the skills to install a plugin. Also I don’t know if plugins survive a YH discourse update.

Oh and shouldn’t you post about chatbot in meta.discourse.org?

Not a bad idea. For understanding - @discobot I see as ONE of possible implementations of @chatbot based search Assistant".

Yes, yes, it is a Fediverse project. The fact is that the idea of such an assistant was born as a solution to access already existing knowledge about Fediverse online as well as locally on the hard disk. When I created the posts here in the forum, I looked around a bit on https://meta.discourse.org/ about this topic. I understood it to be no trivial task to feed @discobot plugin with new topics, knowledge areas. Or to prepare for use in new scenarios. I am looking for @chatbot solution that is suitable for user:inside without programming knowledge are able to feed @discobot plugin with new topics, knowledge areas or prepare for use in new scenarios.

= a small selection to adapt @discobot for own purposes =

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.