Chatbot based communication

Not only those interested in Fediverse, countless other communities are confronted with the problem that the community often has extensive documentation on a certain topic and individual community members have extensive knowledge. However, this knowledge remains hidden from outsiders, interested parties and potential contributors, because the documentation is sometimes not structured at all and not very user-friendly, and the community members who know a lot usually have little or no time to share this knowledge.

Could an infrastructure based on the @chatbot concept be a promising solution for accessing this knowledge?

For which scenarios is the use of @chatbot -based navigation, @chatbot -based help, @chatbot -based training, @chatbot -based communication, … promising and purposeful? I assume that for some users the @chatbot navigation can be attractive as a slightly differently presented search function. You are not dealing with an anonymous, faceless search function, but with a being with human features, e.g. with a face :owl:.

What do you think?

In [1] “Technology Chatbot? A checklist as a decision-making aid for possible use cases” und [2] “Support of citizen communication at the Federal Office of Justice (BfJ) for the conciliation procedure air traffic. Project documentation - Team Chatbot” - both in German - you can find some suggestions on this topic.

The @chatbot-based approach is not new - see ELIZA [2], Microsoft Bob [3], [4] and [5].

Bob features “Assistants”, cartoon characters intended to help the user navigate the virtual house or perform tasks in the main interface or within the built-in applications.

[3] Microsoft Bob - Wikipedia

Sounds interesting as an example for the next @chatbot generation:

For my part I’m working on ‘autonomous agents’ which will run, in the limiting case, independent of a human operator. They will have their own life cycles, be cheap to run, and be such that anyone can make one. You then add skills to the agent and it can start to do useful things. Also, anyone can make or modify a skill. In a sense it’s making servers into small distributed components without a single point of failure. I’m hopefully going to make this interoperable with the fediverse, and am working on agent profiles right now.

[6] melvincarvalho in The Fediverse Challenge - Community - SocialHub

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